Dell laptops are very popular in all over world. Dell has a wide range of computer and laptops which have different specifications and prices. Like the laptops, service of Dell laptop repair in Nagpur is also very popular. Laptops are electronic devices that have become indispensable in our daily lives. We use them to surf the internet, office work, school-college work, play games, watch movies and much more. If your laptop damage & creating any issue? Do you need instant and affordable laptop solution? contact dell service center nagpur, Maharashtra we provides services related to computers, laptops, printers, monitors, etc. Our dell service center dhantoli nagpur provide services for both business and home users. Our technicians have experience in repairing all types of Dell products. You can contact us at any time our dell customer care number +91- 9289250204. if you need any help fromDell Service Center in Nagpur . We offer free pick-up and drop-off service. If you want to know more about our services, visit our website :

Dell Laptop Service Center In Nagpur

If you get a laptop malfunction? Do you know how to fix it yourself? If not, then here’s a list of things you need to do to repair your laptop.

1. Remove the battery
The first thing you should do before starting any repairs is remove the battery. You don’t want to damage the motherboard while trying to replace the battery. Once you have removed the battery, disconnect the power cord.

2. Check the connections
Next, check the connections between the motherboard and the hard drive. There should be no loose wires or cables. Also make sure that the power supply unit is plugged in correctly.

3. Check the memory card
If you notice that the memory card is damaged, you may need to replace it. To do this, open the laptop case carefully and take out the memory card. Then, insert it into a slot on the motherboard. Make sure that the contacts are aligned properly.

4. Clean the keyboard
You should clean the keyboard regularly to prevent bacteria buildup. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe off the keys.

5. Disconnect the hard drive
Once you have cleaned the keyboard, you should disconnect the hard drive. You can either unplug it or pull out the cable.

6. Connect the power supply
Now, connect the power supply to the motherboard. Make sure the power button is pressed down firmly.

If your laptop not working after these work. Don't worry Dell Service Center in Nagpur Will help you just call us.

Dell Laptop Service Center in Nagpur

Our laptop repair service can fix the laptop issue. Dell Laptop Service Center in Nagpur can help people who need to get their computers/ Laptop fixed. When a customer calls the Dell Laptop Service Center in Nagpur, they tell the technician what happened to their Laptop. Then, the our technician tells the customer what he or she needs to do to fix the problem. After the customer gives the technician the information, Adress the technician will go to the customer home/ office. Once the technician knows what type of laptop issue, he or she will then look online to figure out what tools are needed to fix it. The technician will then bring those tools back to the customer and fix the computer. And confirm the laptop repair cost of the customer.

The cost of a laptop repair varies depending on the type of laptop being repaired. A laptop repair service might charge 850 for fixing a computer. However, some laptop repair services offer free estimates over the phone.

  • Dell Laptop is running slowly
  • Line or black blotches on Laptop LCD screen & cracked
  • Boot Divice not Found from hard drive
  • Battery not charging properly
  • Fan is not working properly and Making noise
  • Overheating of Dell laptops
  • Dell motherboard needs replacement
  • Dell motherboard needs repair
  • Laptop DC Jack isuue
  • Laptop shutting down automatically
  • Need install A solid-state drive (SSD)
Our Dell Service Center in Nagpur, Maharashtra expert technicians can handle all these above types of laptop problems.

Free pick up drop
This services save your lot of time in moving to service center destination.

Additional warranty
After repairing we will provide Additional Warranty to our customers.

Free diagnosis
There will be no charge for Diagnosis. We will charge only for repairing.

Same day repair
No need to wait. We provide Same Day Repair to your Dell products.

Free scratch card
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Cash on delivery
Check your Dell device before cash on delivery at your doorsteps.

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  • Home
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  • Hours of Operation
  • Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm
  • Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm
  • Contact Number
  • Toll Free: 1800-425-2067 Toll: 080-2510-8067
  • Toll Free: 1800-425-4051 Toll: 080-2510-8035

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